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Academic Language of Primary Students

Academic language sampling with K-3 students.


PAth to Literacy

A Tier 2 Alphabet Knowledge and Phonological Awareness Intervention

Pilot study is going on now.


Puente de Cuentos

Bridge Made of Stories

Multi-tiered Spanish-English curriculum for preschoolers.


Story Champs

A Multi-tiered Language Intervention Curriculum

Great for children preK-3rd grade and children with disabilities.

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Smarter Assessments for a Brighter World

True reading is the product of decoding and language. Why not measure all three validly and reliably?

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Assessment of Story Comprehension

Reliable listening comprehension assessment for preschoolers.



Dyslexia and Language Screener

A quick and easy kindergarten screener for decoding and language so you can intervene early.

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Storybook Profile System

Rate the difficulty of a storybook.


Undergrads and Underdogs

Service Learning Experiences

Download storybook vocabulary lessons for free!



Self-Assessment Tool

Examine your organization’s commitment to evidence-based practice.


Health Promotion

Evidence-Based Health Promotion Initiative

Download the health promotion curriculum checklist for free.


Bitz 'n Pix

Infographics Developed by Undergrads

Download bits of useful information in picture format.


I am the Director of Juniper Gardens Children’s Project at the University of Kansas. I am also a professor in the departments of Applied Behavioral Science and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. My passion is to develop assessment and intervention tools for educators and clinicians to use. I draw from a number of disciplines and their evidence to make sure the products I develop and disseminate have adequate research behind them and that considerations for their feasible and sustainable implementation have been integrated into the research and development process. Specific areas of expertise include evidence-based practice, implementation research, MTSS, academic language, narratives, prevention of reading comprehension and writing problems, children with autism, and culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Education and Experience

Tenured Professor / Senior Scientist / Director 2023-present
University of Kansas

Tenured Associate Professor 2017-2023
University of South Florida

Research Director and Assistant Professor 2011-2017
Northern Arizona University

Managed a home-based service company for children with autism

Post Doctoral Researcher 2009-2011
Utah State University, The Ohio State University

Doctoral Student 2006-2009
Utah State University

School psychologist and behavior analyst in New York 2000-2006

Worked with teachers and parents of children with disabilities

Internship 2000
Morningside Academy, Seattle WA

M.S. School Psychology 1998-2000
Utah State University

Key Skills & Interests

What makes!

  • Academic Language
  • Dynamic Assessment
  • Intervention Research
  • Implementation Science
  • Multi-tiered systems of support
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Evidence Based practice
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • School Psychology
  • Invited Presentations
    Conference Presentations
    Peer-Review Publications
    Funded Projects

    Current and Past Courses

    MHS 6900 - Intervention Design and Implementation Research (3 credits)

    IDS 2600 - Research in Community Based Settings

    MHS 4006/6915 - Directed Research for Undergraduate/Graduate Studies

    • Undergraduate Research Internship
    • Evidence-Based Practices in Behavioral and Community Sciences
    • Graduate Research Internship
    • Building a Conceptualization of Curriculum for Young Children
    • Language and Literacy Research with Young Children
    • Assessment of Students with Severe Disabilities
    • Foundations of Effective Assessment and Instruction
    • Consulting with Parents and Professionals
    • Analysis of Behavior: Basic Principles


    Check out videos of me delivering interventions, podcasts where I'm interviewed, or news stories about my work!


    My Legacy

    Yi-Jui Iva Chen
    2018-2020 | Post-Doctoral Researcher

    Yi-Jui Iva Chen

    PhD from School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley

    Megan Kirby
    2018-2022 | Chair/Major Professor

    Megan Kirby

    PhD in Behavioral and Community Sciences, University of South Florida.
    Storytelling Interventions to Improve Young Chiuldren's Written and Oral Narrative Language

    Noe Erazo
    2018-2019 | Doctoral Committee Member

    Noé Erazo

    PhD in Behavioral and Community Sciences, University of South Florida

    Anna Garcia
    2017-2020 | Post-Doctoral Researcher

    Anna Garcia

    Post Doctoral Researcher, University of South Florida

    Stephanie Raymond
    2017-2019 | Thesis Chair

    Stephanie Raymond

    MS in Speech Language Pathology, University of South Florida
    The Effect of Narrative Language Intervention on the Language Skills of Preschoolers with Hearing Loss Fitted to Hearing Aids

    Yagmur Seven
    2017-2020 | Dissertation Committee Member

    Yagmur Seven

    PhD in Communication Science & Disorders, University of South Florida
    Comparison of Mothers’ and Fathers’ Storybook Reading

    Xigrid Soto
    2017-2019 | Dissertation Committee Member

    Xigrid Soto

    PhD in Communication Science & Disorders, University of South Florida
    Effects of a Phonological Awareness Intervention on Latino Preschooler’s Dual Language Emergent Literacy Skills

    Tiffany Sellars
    2013-2017 | Chair/Major Professor

    Tiffany Sellars

    PhD in Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University
    The Evidence Based Practice Self-Assessment Tool: Evidence of Reliability and Validity

    Chelsey Tarazi
    2015-2017 | Mentor

    Chelsey Tarazi

    Doctoral student in school psychology

    Maria Gutierrez Arvizu
    2015-2017 | Committee Member

    Maria Gutierrez Arvizu

    PhD in Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University
    Teaching Story Grammar to Develop Retell and Speaking Skills in EFL Contexts

    Sarah Weddle
    2012-2015 | Chair/Major Professor

    Sarah Weddle

    PhD in Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University
    The Effects of High and Low Preferred Qualities of Attention on Academic Demands

    Ken Baumgartner
    2011-2015 | BCBA mentor

    Ken Baumgartner

    Master’s degree in Special Education, Northern Arizona University

    2017-2020 | Committee Member

    Meaghan McKenna

    Doctoral candidate at University of South Florida; Early Childhood Multi-tiered Systems of Support

    Courtney Claar
    2018-2022 | Mentor

    Courtney Claar

    School psychology graduate student at University of South Florida.
    Pyschometric Chaaractersitics of Academic Discourse Analysis Tools

    Trina Tolentino
    2021-2022 | Chair/Major Professor

    Trina Tolentino

    MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Florida

    Francisca Pozo
    2022-present | External Committee Member

    Francisca Pozo

    PhD in Education, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

    Norah Almubark
    2022-present | Chair/Major Professor

    Norah Almubark

    PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of South Florida.


    Committees & Collaborations

    Language Dynamics Group

    Language Dynamics Group

    Develops, validates, and disseminates empirically supported assessment and intervention materials and procedures for diverse children.

    Nurture Me Alliance logo

    Nurture Me Alliance

    A network of researchers teaming together to respond to the educational issues related to early childhood multi-tiered systems of supports.

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    Board Member

    Current Developments, Inc.

    Current Developments is a non-profit organization that sorts, filters, and organizes research so that practitioners can readily use it.

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    American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA)

    Committee on Clinical Research, Implementation Science, and Evidence Based Practice (CRISP)

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    U.S. Coordinator

    Belarus Autism Conference

    I led an interdisciplinary team of experts to work in Belarus, helping to build their capacity around autism services.

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    Community Partnerships

    Academic Language Community Service

    Undergraduate students provide academic language interventions to elementary students.


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    Research & Grant Coordinator

    SPABA Special Interest Group of ABAI

    Trina served on the executive committee of SPABA and supports interprofessional collaboration

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    Research-Practice Partnership


    Trina partners with the museum to study things that are important for the Tampa community and the museum

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    Leadership Team


    RPPs are collaborations among researchers, practitioners, and members of the community to examine a topic of interest, enhance the quality of research, and generate approaches or solutions to address problems of practice